Coping with Late-Stage Alzheimer’s Disease

Coping with Late-Stage Alzheimer’s DiseaseThe earlier stages of Alzheimer’s disease affect cognitive processes, such as memory, judgement and thinking. As the disease progresses, it affects behavior and physical functioning as well. By the time the disease reaches the last stage, many parts of the body are affected. People often have difficulty with motor coordination, bowel […]

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Care professionals involved with Dementia

Care professionals involved with DementiaWhich Care Team May Get Involved During Cognitive DeclineBeing forgetful and repeating what you say doesn’t always indicate cognitive decline. But, if it keeps happening and you find that someone is misplacing items, losing their train of thought in conversations or having trouble following directions, it’s probably time for them to […]

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Communication Strategies When A Parent Has Dementia

Communication Strategies When A Parent Has DementiaCommunication is an important part of our lives. It lets us express who we are and what’s on our minds. Communication involves many aspects – not just talking. There’s also listening, understanding and interpreting. When a person has dementia, they may lose their ability to communicate verbally. But this […]

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